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Lily makes the promo not get released after tricking Eric into thinking the video is too sexist and runs a new promo with cooking involved, Jack realises Lily wasn't in control of the video and gets forgiven by Lily.Eric becomes jealous of Jack when the show becomes all about him, Lily works on a new segment with Eric to increase his popularity.Buffett didn’t achieve these amazing gains by investing in high-risk start-ups, dodgy calls from stock-tipping newsletters or trading Contracts For Difference.Rather he has two simple rules that guide his investment decisions: “Rule number one: don’t lose money.

Lily presents an idea for a segment for The Breakfast Bar, but when the idea fails, she must work with her colleague Nikki on putting together a cooking segment with a chef named Jack.

After a work party, Lily & Simone take Jack home with them with Lily having the intention to sleep with him but instead he sleeps with Simone.

Lily and her best friend Pete have sex for the first time, but after he reveals he's having sex with a work colleague, Meredith, Lily becomes aggravated with him and tells him to leave.

His company Berkshire Hathaway is part of investment folklore, having returned more than 400,000 per cent for its shareholders over the past 40 years.

Incidentally, the third-richest man, Bill Gates, is a director of Berkshire – and gets paid a whopping $US900 for his work (lucky Bill isn’t short of a buck).

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