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FROM THE ARCHIVES: An ode to scarecrows (Video)In this poem which was originally broadcast on “Sunday Morning” October 28, 1984, Charles Osgood pays homage to the scarecrow, in all its festive incarnations, as found at the Nut Tree Harvest Festival in Vacaville, Calif.For more info: The Cubs, who have not played in a World Series since 1945, and have not won a World Series in 108 years, are now battling the Cleveland Indians for the title of Champions of the World.“Sunday Morning” contributor Bill Flanagan reflects on his career and his haunting music.ELECTION 2016: Nancy Giles: Time to get to work Nearly 100 million people did not bother to vote, making that “more perfect union” a more distant prospect.But as Martha Teichner reports, that’s actually not at all unprecedented in American politics.For more info: | Watch Video Has Election 2016 been God’s gift to humorists?

But these nostalgic agricultural aids - the stars of the annual Peddler’s Village Scarecrow Festival in Bucks County, Pa. Luke Burbank checks out some farms using less traditional ways to scare off bothersome birds.

Or, in the case of David Moore and his daughter, Jami, 154 of them.

But their impressive collection -- the product of a father and daughter’s loving tradition -- isn’t as massive as the Jewish Museum’s in New York City.

Nearly five decades ago, he began digging graves in the Maine town of Milbridge. Mine is grave-digging.” STEVE HARTMAN: Special Olympians team up for zombie film (Video)Sam and Mattie have quite a long list of accomplishments - the pair met while competing in the Special Olympics and forged a special bond.

Hall still digs graves by hand, and takes tremendous pride in his work.“I was put on Earth to be a gravedigger,” he told correspondent Mark Strassmann. Their friendship has taken them many places, but it was a surprise to many when one of their wacky adventures landed them in front of and behind the camera for a zombie horror movie. | Watch Video In a studio on New York’s 42nd Street, the cast of the new musical adapted from Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” rehearses for opening night.

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