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Ancient Egyptians might identify the baboon with at least three main deities.

The first was the sun-god, as baboons screech at sunrise.

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Baboons are one of the few ape species whose reproductive area swells during ovulation.

Biologists used to view the swelling of the baboon behind as just another example of a sexual trait evolved to attract mates--similar to the decorative tales of male peacocks.

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This protocol describes the methods used to extract DNA from baboon fecal samples and genotype the baboons at 14 microsatellite loci.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.As you problably know, our adventure platformer Baboon! This remastered edition will feature rich 1080p graphics with a constant 60fps rate, along with lots of upgrades and improvements on control, options and balancing suggested by users, media critics and our publishers since its debut on PS Vita. will be heading to America in both PS Vita and PS4 versions really soon, so stay tuned for further news on release dates!Click the links at left to access our monitoring guide, hormone extraction protocols and assay for hormone metabolites, and protocols for DNA extraction and fecal genotyping.Female baboons' big red bottoms are not just showy ploys to attract mates, according to new research completed by Leah Domb through Harvard's bio-anthropology department and recently released in last week's issue of Nature magazine--the swelling during mating time actually serves to predict a female's fertility.

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