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In my early twenties I fell ass backwards into the panties of countless black chicks and I can’t remember any of them cooking, cleaning, or even offering to pay for anything.In their minds, giving up the ass was all that was required to keep me around.I’m not sure what the percentages are but based on my personal experiences the gap is wide.Yes, I’ve gotten my dick sucked by black girls in the past but every single solitary white girl I’ve ever fucked hasn’t hesitated to fellate my phallus. Anal sex, swallowing, public fucking, and everything in between is all on the table with white girls.It’s in their feminine hard drive to surrender to a man and submit to him.White women, when properly groomed and trained are naturally submissive to their men. This definition of submissive is a far cry from what feminists tout as a woman walking around the house with her head down, doing her chores with a black eye while fearfully avoiding his temper by not speaking.

Having dated, fucked, had one night stands, been fuck friends with, and everything in between with white women for quite some time, I’ve chosen 5 reasons brothers should run game on these chicks more regularly.If he wants to fuck, she submits and lets her man fuck her whether she has a ‘headache’ or isn’t in the mood. Regardless of race, a feminine woman is an attractive one.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that most black women exhibit masculine traits.I’m currently fucking a white chick on the east coast (I live on the west coast) and even though we only see each other every few months, she treats me like a God when I’m there.She cooks for me, makes sure her place is clean, and waits on me hand and foot.

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