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Well hello there blog mates, Eclair here, no longer a spinster of the parish but a MARRIED WOMAN!!! Geof and I got round to tying the knot, which we did on the cheap and on the cheerful and on the very sharpish.

Basically a month after registering our bits and bobs with the registrar, we had a venue booked, 30 guests invited and a menu sorted.

Apart from that we had Chris George, my tour manager, on hand to cue the music, my mum and my aunty Ailleen came down from the North and everyone else was pretty local to the venue (South London Gallery Clore Studio). We had a lovely little self catering apartment with a supermarket just down the road, plus a great butchers and (once we re-arranged the furniture), a sea view.

So far, I am furious at how bad I am, I’ve got absolutely no precision and everything I do is scrappy and out of kilter.

No newspaper reviews so far but some lovely comments on Amazon, which is always reassuring.

‘Listening In’ is an offshoot of the radio 4 series I’ve been doing over the past few years called ‘Little lifetimes’, they’re basically first person stories from the mouths of many different (mostly furious) middle aged women – writing these, it’s surprised me how oddly satisfying and easy it can be to disappear under the skin of someone else.

All teens and parents of teens should read it, I listened to it on audible, Shappi reads it beautifully, it’s hilarious and heartbreaking, wise and sad.

‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’ at The Duke of York’s Theatre, 100 minutes of fabulously filthy language, with some of the best singing in the West End. back from the other side of the world (yes me and the old man had a 3 and ½ week adventure – which started off quite disastrously and then got loads better).

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