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The 126# had a crack from one corner of the hardy hole.When I decided to repair it the started to Vee out the crack and found that the heal had actually been broken off and welded back on.In reality, there are few remaining anvilmakers and the prices charged for a new anvil are astronomical.For this reason, a good quality old anvil in reasonable shape is sought after.As for how sought after it might be, just go to any sort of blacksmith;s event (look up ABANA or "Art Blacksmiths" or check the "Anvilfire" website). Peter Wrights are probably the most sought after old anvil. Two inexpensive books on basic blacksmithing and tools ( online or library) are The Edge of the Anvil, and The village Blacksmith(Watson). Like " Never strike the face of the anvil with anything".At those events, you will see beat up anvils with swaybacked and chipped faces being sold off tailgates for some substantial prices. Who knows , You may have a new obsession just waitin to bud out.Both are fine anvils with a reasonable ring to them.IMO, one of theother attractions to a Peter wright anvil are the shape and proportions.

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Join Older Dating Online today for FREE and search for a senior date local to you, or right across the UK!The round hole is the "pritchel" hole- used for punching nail holes thru on horsehoes for themost part. The other Peter Wright came from a friend who got it from his dad.His dad had been a working smith who died in 1952 or so, and that Peter Wright anvil came from his dad's shop.The square hole you name on the anvil is the "hardy hole".Anvil tools with square tapered shanks fit into that hole.

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