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They suggest that the divergence of the Denisova mt DNA results either from the persistence of a lineage purged from the other branches of humanity through genetic drift or else an introgression from an older hominin lineage.In 2013, an mt DNA sequence from the femur of a 430,000 year old Homo heidelbergensis from the Sima de los Huesos cave in Spain was found to be related to that of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans, but closer to the latter.In April 2014, a first glimpse into the epigenetics of the Denisovan was gained with the publication of the full DNA methylation of the Denisovan and the Neanderthal.

From a second tooth, an mt DNA sequence was recovered that showed an unexpectedly large number of genetic differences compared to that found in the other tooth and the finger, suggesting a high degree of mt DNA diversity.

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Later analysis of nuclear DNA sequences from two specimens showed they were more closely related to Neanderthals rather than to Denisovans, while one of these samples also had the Denisovan-related mt DNA.

The authors suggest that the mt DNA found in these specimens represent an archaic sequence indicative of Neanderthal's kinship with Denisovans that was subsequently lost in Neanderthals due to replacement by a more modern-human-related sequence.

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