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The sequel to the first story was an hour-long special airing in November 2005.The operation was located in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington, D. Among the men caught were rabbi David Kaye and elementary-school teacher Steven Bennof, both of whom lost their jobs after taping.Some leave immediately upon seeing Hansen, because they recognize that he is clearly not a teenager, or they have seen him in previous Dateline investigations.Hansen, without initially identifying himself, interviews the suspects about their intentions, and also reads aloud some of the graphic portions of the chat to inform them that the logs were indeed recorded.People were lured to meet with a decoy under the pretense of sexual contact and then confronted.The series premiered in November 2004, and featured 12 investigations in total held across the United States.Perverted-Justice volunteers build profiles identified as underage individuals on social networking websites, and enter chat rooms as decoys.They set up adults to message or email the decoy and begin a dialogue.

Hansen questions each one at length about their intentions.

Tasers are sometimes shown being used to subdue fleeing individuals.

Some investigations also show booking procedures and bail hearings.

Bail is usually set between ,000 and ,000 per suspect.

During interviews, suspects often claim not to have any idea how old the supposed minor is, even when confronted by Hansen with chat logs showing the decoy clearly identifying him or herself as underage.

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