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An alternative 12-month therapy program is offered for young adults convicted of consensual sexual contact with adolescents under the legal age of consent.

This group is appropriate for clients who have no prior histories of criminal sexual behavior or paraphiliac sexual activities, and who did not use physical aggression to gain compliance.

Clients are confronted with and expected to change maladaptive cognitive defense systems, such as denial and/or rationalization, which tend to support the negative behaviors.

Clients learn to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate sexual fantasies and learn techniques to prevent the highly reinforcing practice of masturbating to deviant sexual fantasies.

Clients attend post-release programming weekly for approximately four months.

Sex offender treatment groups are also available for all levels of DOC supervised releasees.

Participants are evaluated for any further therapeutic needs and are presented with appropriate treatment recommendations and referrals at the end of the 12 months.Additional referral sources include social service agencies, health care management organizations, attorneys, employers, families and clients themselves.Outpatient groups are also available for those who have been released from a Minnesota Correctional Facility and are either on intensive or regular supervised release.Clients are required to participate in at least two polygraph examinations while in treatment.The first polygraph examination verifies full client disclosures regarding the referral offense as well as any other incidents of sexual abuse and deviant sexual history.

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