Adult hotchat signup

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I saw my first film of this many years ago and have been lucky enough to have been the 'receiver' in a Bukake several times.

I know at first it sounds gross but if you are a cum lover it is just this side of heaven.

That way the cum is still hot and fresh and I can savor its taste before losing my stronger sexual urges.

After doing this for so long I have moved on to other fun things.

No chance of sex with anybody so self pleasure becomes an important part of life.

I wanted to write this short story and describe the various methods I have come up with to help pass the long nights.

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I have never found this uncomfortable that way and can leisurely stroke my cock to shoot directly down into my mouth.

The last one I was at had 79 guys there all ready to shoot their load on me. Often guys like it if I suck the tip of their cock as they shoot.

I normally like to lay on a table at just below waist height. By the time 79 guys have shot their load on you it is hard too find an area not covered in cum. Often they want to see the cum actually enter my mouth and watch as I swallow it with great pleasure.

I have perfected my stroke to the point that I can cum in less than a minute or preferably after an hour or more of gentle pumping. While I stroke slowly I use the other hand to massage my balls or finger fuck my ass.

I am sure this is common and probably the way everyone at least starts.

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