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The can-do, pioneering spirit of journalists and engineers of the 1940s made VOA a powerful voice of truth and fact during a time of propaganda, hate mongering and lies.

Engineers based in Cincinnati designed and built a radio transmission facility, thought not possible by their peers.

Empower U you promises you a for this last event of the year!

We are requesting a donation at the door which will be donated to Musicares, a group that honored Tom in 2017.

This simple eight word sentence captures the very essence of the Voice of America.

Dana had a long career in the record business with Penguin Feather Records in Virginia and served for 29 years as the President of Posterservice, Inc, a sister company of Frame USA. Gore **This Class is SOLD OUT**”Tell the truth and let the world decide”.

Tom Petty throughout his career has sold over 80 million records.

When Tom was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 2002 with his band the Heartbreakers Tom said, “The music overcame me at a very early age and consumed my life.” What a life it was…

They lived in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, North Carolina, and then finally in 1962 they settled in Falls Church, VA. The title cut opens the record, and that was it, he was hooked. Like so many others, this was a defining moment for him.

This is where music started to change his life forever. Then he showed him a record by someone named Chuck Berry titled “Chuck Berry is on Top”, and played the song “Johnny B. From that day on, until today 50 years later, music was the one constant in his life.

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